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Calendario de Gimnasia Rítmica 2018

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The art of making gymnastics leotards by RG Leotards Incha

The process of making rhythmic gymnastics leotards is always influenced by the innovations introduced by the eastern countries as Ukraine, Russia and Belarus, where the number of gymnasts that compete is infinite and national federations have a large number of gymnasts to choose from. Being different is the key to get the attention of judges and accomplish the perfect harmony between music, leotard and choreography.

The evolution of gymnastics leotards in recent years has been impressive and, although rhinestones, pearls, feathers and multitude of elements gain importance creating rich compositions, designs without skirts have returned. We could see top athletes as Mamun, Soldatova, Mazur, Pazhava, Dina and Arina Averina wearing them the last couple years.

Complete jumpsuits without skirts, perfect for those gymnasts who want to highlight infinite lines, have also returned to the carpet after many years. Few are those who choose to wear them, but internationally we are seeing a lot of them lately, as is the case of Russia and Ukraine, which have very thin gymnasts.

Flowers are the main focus if you pretend to have a more ellaborated design, ideal for very stylized gymnasts such as Yana Kudryavtseva or Alina Ermolova. Dina Averina went further with them, wearing a red flower on her shoulder (with a leo inherited from the Estonian gymnast Janika Vartlaan, this next season competing for Ukraine). Other innovations this past season were the amazing painting of a geisha that Katsiaryna Halkina wore for her clubs routine and the surprising change of Dina's skirt in her hoop exercise at Worlds 2017.

Although we all adore such unique creations, international leotards are not available to everyone and, depending on whether you practice gymnastics as a hobby or in a professional way, it will not be necessary to purchase a design of 1000 or 2000 euros. Below I show you some of the works of RG Leotards Incha, with affordable prices and accurate work so that you shine on the carpet like your idols.

RG Leotards Incha has a huge experience making elite designs in Ukraine and worldwide. It is not necessary that you spend time looking for inspiration or even send them a drawing, only with your music and the theme of the exercise they will offer you sketches and several options to choose the leotard of your dreams.

Unlike other clothing workshops, RG Leotards Incha offers designs of all styles, adapting them to budgets and customer requirements, from more basic models to international leos, doesn't matter your size, age or the kind of leotard you wan, everything is possible!.

Always keeping up with the last trends, it is difficult to resist the large variety of leotards that RG Leotards Incha offers, all sewn and hand painted in detail, decorated with flowers, reliefs, glitter, pearls, swarovski or any form required.

Making process of a leotard with RG Leotards Incha
How is the experience of making a leotard with RG Leotards Incha? In my case it was a very easy and fast process, I sent them the music of the exercise, in this case Light of the seven of Game of Thrones, you can listen to it here:

Once they listened to the music, they wrote me with their ideas and sketch for the exercise. In my case it was not too long since the design was approved until it was made. It is a purple one with golden flowers on the neck, sleeves and skirt, decorated with swarosvki. Despite being made in Ukraine, it arrived very fast and in perfect conditions, I was so glad I trusted them when I saw the final result.

Time to match leotard with the apparatus
When the leotard is done, the complexity of matching it with the apparatus will depend a lot on whether you compete with clubs, hoop and ribbon (which allow decorating and painting) or ball and rope, which you can buy directly taking into account the shades that fit better your design. In this case it is s a Golden Sasaki ball (from RG Steps), one of the most used this season by international gymnasts such as Salome Pazhava, Marina Durunda or Katsiaryna Halkina. Do you like how it looks?

That's all for now, I really hope you enjoyed this tour of the international leotards and the small mention of the latest trends for the new season. Also if you found it interesting and useful, feel free to ask me anything about the process or contact Incha RG Leotards, they are true artists that can make everything possible for you to shine at competitions. Special thanks to them for the quality of their work, as well as the speed with which they finished the design and the sketches that they proposed so that we could choose the one that suited best the music. It is always gratifying to see that the final result fully corresponds to what they had proposed at the beginning, as well as the measures. It has been a real pleasure, do not hesitate to follow them on social media to see works as elaborate as this.

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